AT&T M2X: Highly secure and scalable time-series data storage for network connected devices.

Quickly build innovative network enabled products and bring them to market

Today, M2X applications are doing more than just monitoring the status of remote devices and equipment, they're gathering real-­time data from millions of connected machines and translating it into meaningful information that enable businesses to make quick decisions, design automated systems, and conduct strategic analysis.

Benefit from AT&T’s Global Network Infrastructure

AT&T M2X has laid the groundwork so you don’t have to.

As a leader in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions, with over 17 million connected devices communicating over the AT&T mobility network, we can help you realize the benefits of M2M in your business. Backed by AT&T's worldwide network, data centers and operations, M2X can free your developers from thinking about complex network protocols so that they can focus on rapidly building M2M applications to bolster your business's competitive advantage and tap into the Industrial Internet of Things.

AT&T M2X Developer Portal

Manage device data and locations; Distribute devices once provisioned.

AT&T M2X Core Features

Manage Devices from Prototype to Production


Benefits of Launching with M2X

AT&T M2X offers technology services that enable you to rapidly release your product and gain valuable insights into your business.

Rapid Development

Rapid Development : Decreased Time-to-Market

M2X saves you development time and gets your product to market more quickly.

Automation and Data Intelligence

Automation and Data Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Gain valuable insights into your business by monitoring streams of data stored in M2X. Simplify processes with M2X event-based triggers that enable automation.