M2X Client Libraries

Get your project started by downloading a client library from the list below. All of our libraries are Open Source and hosted on GitHub, making it easy to contribute and collaborate on new features.


  • Elixir

    Build a scalable and maintainable IoT application with Elixir, a functional language that utilizes a Ruby like syntax, and interact with M2X using the M2X Elixir library.

  • Erlang

    Building a large scale IoT product? Erlang is ideal for distributed real-time messaging applications. Get started with the M2X Erlang library!

  • Groovy

    Rapidly build your next IoT product with the M2X Groovy Script samples, allowing you to take advantage of the many powerful features Groovy – built for the Java platform – has to offer.

  • Java

    The M2X Java client library enables you to build robust and powerful Java applications that connect and interact with your M2X data.

  • JavaScript

    Craft an interactive web experience using client-side scripts for browser based applications, powered by the M2X JavaScript library.

  • .NET

    The M2X .NET client library enables you to seamlessly integrate your M2X data with applications built using the .NET framework.

  • Node.js

    Build a scalable node.js based backend for your device using the M2X node.js library, enabling asynchronous input and output of data from all of your connected data streams.

  • mruby

    Interact with M2X using the lightweight and modular Ruby implementation mruby and the M2X mruby library.


  • Android

    Create native Android apps that allow users to observe and interact with your M2X data on the go, using the M2X Android client library.

  • Arduino

    Develop for the Arduino platform with the M2X Arduino library, allowing you to store data from connected sensors directly into the M2X service.

  • Electric Imp

    Wirelessly collect data and interact with your device by combining the wifi connectivity of Electric Imp and the M2X Electric Imp client library.

  • Gear S

    Easily develop IoT applications for the Samsung Gear S wearable device using the Tizen Library for M2X.

  • Intel Edison

    Prototype your next IoT product with M2X and the Intel Edison, a small yet powerful microcontroller that boasts an additional dual core processor ideal for data pre-processing.

  • Intel Galileo

    The Intel Galileo Gen 1 SOC is Arduino hardware and software compatible and comes equipped with a built in ethernet port, UART TTL serial port, mPCIe slot and onboard microSD card reader.

  • iOS

    Develop M2X connected apps using iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

  • Launchpad Energia

    Create your next IoT project with the Texas Instruments LaunchPad device using the M2X Energia library.

  • ARM mbed

    Develop for the ARM mbed platform with the M2X mbed library. The ARM mbed platform is an industry standard ARM based microcontroller that enables you to swiftly move from prototype to product.

  • Nanode

    The M2X Nanode client library in conjunction with the ethernet enabled Nanode microcontroller offers a low-cost solution for experimenting with and building for the Internet of Things.

  • Pinoccio

    Pinoccio are mesh networked and web connected microcontrollers equipped with a rechargeable battery.

    coming soon
  • PSoC® 4

    Use the Cypress PSOC Client Library to start sending and receiving data to and from your PSoC 4 board to M2X.

  • Particle Core

    We've built an M2X library for the Particle Core wifi enabled microcontroller allowing you to leverage Build, Particle's web based IDE, to program your next IoT project from the cloud.

  • Tessel

    With the M2X Tessel client library you can collect sensor data and interact with your connected product using Tessel’s built in wifi.

  • Teensy

    The Teensy USB Development Board is ideal for handling timing critical I/O and analog signals and boasts an affordable and easy-to-use design.

  • Windows Phone

    Create Universal Applications for Windows Mobile, using the M2X .NET client library.


Disclaimer: AT&T M2X provides links to the following unofficial Community Libraries for your convenience. AT&T is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, and damages of any kind arising out of use of or reliance on these Community Libraries. Links from AT&T M2X to third-party sites do not constitute an endorsement by AT&T of the parties or their products and services.

  • Cylon.js

    Develop your next robotics project using Cylon.js, a JavaScript framework for robotics and physical computing using Node.js.

    Developed by The Hybrid Group

  • Go

    Use Go – Google’s simple open source programming language – to develop your next IoT project on M2X.

    Developed by Jason Goecke of Tropo

  • wot.io

    Connect your M2X data with the wot.io operating environment seamlessly with the M2X wot.io library.

    Developed by wot.io

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