M2X Glossary of Terms

Term Definition
Datapoint An individual piece of times series data (a Value)
Stream A set of time series Datapoints of a specific measurement type (i.e. humidity, temperature) from a specific data source.
Device A Device is the group of data Streams, metadata and location for a given data source.
Device ID The unique identifier for a Device.
Device URL The URL to access a specific Device.
Data Source An individually identifiable producer of Data Points. A Data Source is an application, service or device in the real-world. A Data Source is represented by a Device in M2X.
Device Serial A unique identifier for each Device. Device's within a single account must have unique Device Serial's.
Collection A group of Devices organized by the user. Collections can contain other Collections, but devices can only belong to a single Collection.
Prototype A prototype is a data source used for development and testing. A prototype is associated with a device and is created when a device is defined.
Distribution A Distribution represents a group of devices that begin life with the attributes of the original device when created. Devices in a distribution retain the attributes of the original Device such as Triggers, Streams and Tags.
Distribution ID A unique identifier for a Distribution.
API Endpoint An API Endpoint defines the address or connection point to the M2X service for a specific API method.
Allows or prevents a Device from storing data in the M2X service. A developer may enable/disable a Device to allow the Device to send data to the M2X service.
Metadata Related information about a Device (i.e. tags, related website, etc.).
Request Log Displays the communication and functionality of a Device in real time. A request log is used primarily for test and debug. A request log is available for all Devices.
Location Physical location of a Devices defined by GPS coordinates and elevation.
API Key API Keys are used to control access to all API resources.
Master API Key A master key is a private key per user account, which has permissions to perform all HTTP methods on any Device created by that developer.
Device API Key Unlike master keys, device keys can't be used to manage devices, distributions or API keys. They can only be used to access the metadata, streams, values and location of the device which they are associated with. They can't access data from any other device.
Trigger A trigger examines stream(s) of data in real time. Conditions are defined in the trigger and applied against data within or outside the stream. When conditions are met, the trigger creates events.
Devices The Devices section is where you define and test prototype data sources before distributing them.
Data Consumer A destination for data from the M2X service. The data may be retrieved from M2X or sent to the consumer via notification. A Data Consumer and a Data Source may be the same entity.
Data Owner A Data Owner controls access to the data by creating and delegating keys to readers and writers of the data. The Data Owner may be the same as the developer of the Data Source or a customer of the developer of the Data Source.