Time API

For devices that do not have a Real Time Clock (or RTC for short), like Arduinos, we provide a simple endpoint that returns our servers' time:

GET /time

This call will return a struct representation of the time in seconds and milliseconds from the Unix epoch (Jan 1st, 1970 00:00:00 UTC), in ISO8601.

  "seconds": 1433778579,
  "millis": 1433778579113,
  "iso8601": "2015-06-08T15:49:39.113Z"

In order to simplify parsing of the returned struct, the following additional endpoints will return a text/plain response with just the time in the requested format:

GET /time/seconds GET /time/millis GET /time/iso8601


All AT&T M2X servers have their clocks synchronized using NTP, the Network Time Protocol so you can be sure that the time returned will be accurate. However, when using the returned time from the M2X Time API in your devices, you need to take into account the difference introduced by latencies when connecting to AT&T M2X servers.


Looking for assistance with timestamp formatting? See Timestamp documentation