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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of objects such as sensors, devices (including appliances, smartphones, or even a car) or machines to the Internet allowing for two-way communication and data transmission.
What is AT&T M2X?
AT&T M2X is a cloud­based time­series data storage service and developer toolset built for the Internet of Things. Create an account to start connecting your Devices and transfer information to M2X.
From the AT&T M2X Developer Portal you can manage and distribute your devices, define notification triggers, and collect data for analysis.
To help guide you along the way the AT&T M2X developer community provides useful resources and documentation, including a getting started guide, API documentation and community support forums.
What can I develop with AT&T M2X?
The AT&T M2X developer tools and RESTful API allow you to quickly develop connected products and solutions and extract real­time data which can be analyzed and utilized to make decisions.
How do I get access to other complimentary AT&T APIs?
You can get access to the full suite of AT&T APIs from the AT&T Developer Program. Available APIs include APIs include Advertising, Call Management, In-App Messaging, Location, SMS, MMS, Payment, Speech, U-Verse, and more.

About AT&T M2X

What can I connect to AT&T M2X?
Almost anything that has an internet connection can be connected to AT&T M2X, whether it be connected via Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth or a different internet connected protocol. Check out our supported Device Platforms to learn more.
What is a Data Stream?
A set of times series data of a specific measurement type (i.e. humidity, temperature) from a specific Device. As a helpful reference refer to our comprehensive Glossary of M2X terms.
How do I get started with AT&T M2X?
We’ve crafted many tutorials to help guide you through the AT&T M2X service or you can peruse our API documentation to get acquainted with the M2X RESTful API.


What is included with the free Developer Account?
With a Developer Account you have full access to the AT&T M2X API and all the cloud­based tools in the Developer Portal allowing you to connect up to 10 Devices for testing purposes (certain data restrictions apply). Additionally, you’ll have access to the information and resources found in the community support forums and API documentation.
I’m interested in a Professional Plan, can you tell me more?
The AT&T M2X Professional Plan consists of three device Usage Tiers based on actual transaction volume, to fit the needs of your business today, tomorrow, and next year.
Does AT&T M2X offer support services?
Developer Accounts have access to the online community support forums and extended support via our Help Desk.
Does support include technical assistance with third party devices?
If you have a technical question regarding a third party device please visit our Help Forum.
Additionally we support many standard hardware and device platforms. For a comprehensive list visit Supported Hardware.
Do API calls made for testing purposes count?
All API calls count toward your total transaction volume. However, our system helps facilitate testing on a small number of Devices before launching a large distribution — that way you know you’ve got it right before launch.
What if I go over my data quota?
M2X is built to scale with your business — if you find that you’ve exceeded your quota one month, we will automatically cover you, so you don’t lose important data. Continued overages could result in a data cap being placed on our account until action is taken to accommodate additional data usage requirements.

Data Ownership, Sharing & Security

Who owns my data?
You own your data and are in control of who has access to your data at a granular level. Feel free to review the AT&T M2X Terms of Service for more information.
Is my data secure?
AT&T M2X gives you the tools to keep your data secure by providing industry standard encryption and granular permissions via API keys, so you can decide, when and with whom your data is shared. The M2X service infrastructure is built to AT&T’s security requirements encompassing technology, controls, processes and commitment to provide world-class network services to businesses in over 50 countries world-wide.
Can I share my data?
Controlling access rights for your data is made simple via the management tools provided with AT&T M2X. You can choose which data streams are shared at a granular level from the M2X Developer Portal.
Can I export my data?
We understand the importance of the data you’ve collected, you will be able to export your data on demand whenever you like via the M2X API. Simply put, you own your data and are in control of it.