The M2X Development Cycle

A broad overview of the M2X Development Cycle.

  • 1. Start:

    Login into M2X

  • 2. Create Device:

    Select Create a Device from the Devices dashboard. Devices allow you to define and test data streams.

  • 3. Add Data Stream(s):

    Add Data Streams to your Device. A Data Stream contains a set of time series Data Points of a specific measurement type (i.e. humidity, temperature) from a specific Device.

  • 4. Configure Data Stream(s) ­ Triggers:

    Setup Triggers for your Device if you’d like to enable event triggered notifications. Add default Location metadata for the Device.

  • 5. Connect a Device:

    Connect a Device to your Device Data Streams using your Device ID & API Key and the Data Stream ID. Check out the Connecting Devices Tutorial for more information.

  • 6. Test your Device:

    Start pushing data to Data Streams associated with your Device using its Device ID & AP Key and Data Stream ID. Check out the Pushing Data to a Device Stream Tutorial for more info.

  • 7. Distribute your Device:

    A Distribution represents a group of Devices that begin life with the attributes of your original Device. Once you have setup and tested your Device, choose the device you wish to distribute from your Devices dashboard and select Distribute. Fill in the distribution details and select Add Distribution to create your Distribution.

  • 8. Add Devices to Existing Distribution:

    Once you’ve created your Distribution you can add as many new Devices as needed. Each Device has a unique Device ID & API Key which you will use when pushing data to Data Streams. Check out the Connecting Devices Tutorial for more information.