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M2X Pusher Integration

The M2X Pusher Integration enables real-time streaming of device data from M2X to Pusher, which acts as a WebSocket broker allowing client applications to subscribe to data channels in order to display or act on real-time streaming data.

Configure Pusher Integration

The following steps will walk-through creating and configuring the M2X Pusher Integration:

  1. Head over to Pusher and create a Pusher application

  2. Obtain the following information about the Pusher application:

    • App ID
    • App Key
    • App Secret
    • App Cluster Shortcode, example "mt1"
  3. Obtain Device ID(s) for the target M2X Device(s)

  4. Create the M2X Pusher Integration by making an HTTP request to the Create Integration endpoint of the M2X API, using the Pusher application information & target M2X Device IDs.

Subscribe to Pusher WebSocket Channel

Client applications can subscribe to Pusher WebSocket channels using one of their client libraries to receive real-time streaming updates of M2X Device data. Review the Pusher Client API documentation for more information.