Pushing Data to a
Device Stream

We’ve made pushing data from internet connected devices to M2X Device Streams easy by providing a variety of Open Source
Client Libraries for popular platforms such as Python, Ruby, Android, Arduino and many more.

Step by step guide to start pushing data to a Device Stream:

  1. Obtain your account Master Key (required for some libraries)
  2. Choose a Client Library that best suits your needs
  3. Create your first Device or select an existing one and copy its Device ID & API Key
  4. Create Stream for your Device, or choose an existing one and copy the Data Stream ID
  5. (optional) Configure your Stream by adding Triggers and/or Location metadata
  6. Review the M2X API Documentation
  7. Review the documentation for your Client Library of choice for platform specific examples of pushing data to a Device Stream

Here are some usage examples for popular client libraries: