Getting Connected with Your
AT&T IoT Starter Kit

The AT&T IoT Starter Kit gives you access to AT&T’s wireless broadband network allowing you to easily connect your devices to the Internet, M2X & Flow, by providing you with AT&T network compatible Subscriber Identity Modem (SIM) cards that you can use while prototyping network connected devices.

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Getting Started

Once you’ve received your AT&T IoT Starter Kit, check out the Quick Start or dive into the API Documentation to get started!

More About SIM Cards

In a network context, each SIM card installed within a deployed device securely stores the service-subscriber key (IMSI) used to identify a subscriber, plus a set of subscriber-specific and service provider-specific information. Most SIM cards are removable, and can allow a user to move a subscription from one device to another by moving the SIM. However, we expect to see new SIM form factors, based on non-removable chips specifically for M2M, in the near future.

AT&T Approved Devices and Modules

Building a solution that requires celullar connectivity? Check AT&T's Approved Device and Approved Module lists. Interested in getting your own devices or modules integrated with AT&T's network?