Teensy Setup Tutorial

Connect to the M2X API using Teensy

The AT&T M2X API provides all the needed operations to connect your device to AT&T's M2X service. You can use the existing Arduino Client Library on a Teensy board. It is fully compatible.

Note: The following instructions apply to and have been tested for either Teensy 2.0 or Teensy++ 2.0 boards. If you are using other boards, some steps may vary.

How to Run the Ethernet examples

In order to connect using Ethernet, the WIZ812 Ethernet Module and Teensy to WIZ812 Ethernet Adaptor Kit are needed in addition to your Teensy board. In order to connect all devices together, soldering work is also needed.

  1. 1 Solder the adaptor according to the guide here. Depending on the specification of your Teensy board, you might or might not need additional soldering work.
  2. 2 When soldering is complete, connect the Teensy board, WIZ812 Ethernet Module and the adaptor together as shown in the guide.
  3. 3 Install Arduino on your system.
  4. 4 Install Teensyduino on your system.
  5. 5 Install the M2X Arduino library following the steps listed here
  6. 6 Because there is a bug in Teensyduino, please download the file in this gist, and use the Print.cpp file to replace the same file in Teensyduino.
    On a Mac with standard installation, this file is at /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/teensy/cores/teensy/Print.cpp
    If you are using another operating system (i.e. Windows or Linux), the specific path may be similar but slightly different. The best place to start looking is in the Arduino application folder.
  7. 7 Now you can open the EthernetUnoPost example, and adjust the Device ID, Stream Name and M2X Key to the valid values from your M2X account.
  8. 8 Select the board you want to run the example on (Teensy or Teensy++), click Upload, follow any instructions on screen, and your board should be reporting data to M2X shortly!