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About Birdi

Birdi is a smart air monitor that monitors air quality, everyday health hazards, pollution and emergencies like fire and carbon monoxide so you can stay connected and protected in your home. Birdi gives you the information you need, exactly when you need it: all while blending seamlessly and elegantly into your wall or ceiling.

AT&T M2X Integration

Traditional smoke detectors provide basic information and operate on the lowest alert threshold, e.g., smoke in the air. Birdi aims higher; providing real-time, expanded information on your home’s health.

Birdi’s solution: a smart air monitor that not only tracks smoke but provides critical metrics such as air quality, carbon monoxide levels, and pollen count in your home.

Tracking and providing real-time data to their customers required solving a few key design challenges; Birdi needed a reliable location to store time-series data (i.e., data that is monitored continually in a linear fashion). Additionally, their service relies on the ability to provide device owners with notifications based on a specific event occurring (e.g., you receive a text message when smoke is detected in your home). Service reliability was also very important, as their product is in the public safety domain.

Birdi opted to use AT&T’s M2X because of its robust feature set and carrier grade scale and stability. M2X offers time-series cloud data storage with multi-site data replication, ensuring service uptime. Additionally, the easy-to-use features of the M2X developer portal, data visualization, and extensive client libraries allowed Birdi to easily integrate their device with M2X.

Today, Birdi uses AT&T’s M2X service to store real-time data like air quality, carbon monoxide, temperature, and smoke levels to ensure device owners the protection they’ve come to rely on. The following diagram illustrates how Birdi’s device works with M2X:

Use Cases

Birdi’s integration with M2X highlights some of the many types of data M2X is able to handle. In fact, M2X can collect real-time data from almost any type of internet connected data source — from basic sensor data like temperature and humidity to battery power and wireless connectivity strength.

Air Quality
Birdi helps you track the health of your home by measuring temperature, humidity and air quality, or external dangers such as pollution, pollen and particulates. M2X enables Birdi to store this data in real-time.
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, and can be harmful even below alarm levels — it’s essential for Birdi to to detect even small changes and alert the end-user immediately. Using Streams Birdi is able to collect time-series CO2 levels and set automated actions via Triggers, such as alerts.
Birdi uses M2X Triggers to send alerts to your phone, right when you need them. If the air is thick with pollen or pollution or there’s a fire in your home, you’ll know.
A combination of sensor data can more accurately indicate a fire. For example, in the event of a fire, there will likely be both a temperature increase and smoke particulates in the air. Birdi is equipped with many types sensors — using M2X Streams Birdi is able to more reliably detect legitimate emergencies than traditional fire alarms.