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About GreenGuest

GreenGuest is a mobile application that enables hotel guests to monitor their energy, water & towel usage. In addition to guest facing features the app allows hotel staff to monitor energy usage and turn off the lights or A/C in unoccupied rooms after guest checkout. The app incentivises guests to conserve by providing bonus offers from the hotel upon checkout. Additionally the app utilizes gamification to inspire friendly competition among guests.

M2X Integration

In 2014 hotel electricity and water costs soared over $7.5 Billion. GreenGuest aims to reduce these costs and conserve energy and water with their innovative monitoring system and application. Once a guest checks in to a hotel they can view their consumption stats via the GreenGuest app, which is integrated with TripIt for easy hotel reservation discovery. GreenGuest is also integrated with Concur using the Concur API to facilitate rewards redemption in the form of expense credited back to the traveler.

Sensors that monitor water and electricity consumption within the hotel push data to M2X which enables real time display of consumption rates for guests and staff via the GreenGuest application.

The M2X Node.js client library enabled the developers of GreenGuest to quickly and easily collect and retrieve sensor data, which is at the heart of their product.


  • Energy and Water Conservation

    Empowered by the real­time consumption data stored and retrieved from M2X, GreenGuest enables hotel guests to monitor their energy usage and curb their behaviors based on their stats.

  • Eliminate Energy Waste

    Guests often forget to turn off all the lights and A/C in their room upon checkout. With GreenGuest Hotel management can turn off unused appliances in unoccupied rooms, cutting the hotel’s utility costs in the process.

  • Save Energy, Save Money

    It’s not just the environment that wins with GreenGuest, hotel guest are rewarded with bonuses upon checkout if they were able to minimize their energy and water consumption rates.