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About KineticCare

KineticCare is an extensible technology-based solution that brings world class healthcare to the home. KineticCare tracks vitals via a wearable health monitor that can detect health emergencies such as cardiac arrest. The moment a problem is detected a domino effect of life saving measures are triggered.

AT&T M2X Integration

M2X is the backbone of KineticCare, serving as the primary datastore for EKG and other health data. M2X Triggers monitor data streams in real time and send notifications whenever a problem is detected, such as a spike in blood pressure. Device management in M2X allows KineticCare to easily manage all end-user deployed devices, and provides granular permissions for data access and sharing.


KineticCare includes a wearable health monitor that senses heart rate, blood pressure, and EKG data which is stored in AT&T M2X. The KineticCare mobile application displays vitals, alert notifications, medication logs, and doctor appointments. Whenever the health monitor detects an emergency, EMT's are alerted and AT&T Drive provides location information and intelligent routing. AT&T Digital Life disables the home alarm system, unlocks the door and flashes lights to allow EMT's to quickly find the person in need. Timing is critical when you're experiencing a health emergency, KineticCare aims to save valuable time when it counts the most.