Demographic Sentiment Analysis

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About Rally

Rally is an event driven social sciences application that connects users based on common interests and sentiment analysis. Rally allows users to browse upcoming events, including, theater or sporting events and monitor those they are interested in attending. Rally seamlessly connects users with others interested in the attending the same event based on deep sentiment analysis and Broad Listening’s Artificial Emotional Intelligence Engine.

M2X Integration

Rally uses M2X’s robust data store to securely share anonymized end-user demographic and sentiment data with researchers. M2X’s granular permissions based authorization and access mechanism enables complex data sharing schemes via RESTFul API endpoints.


The Rally mobile app provides a sleek interface where users can search for events, tag those they are interested in, and browse the profiles of other users interested in the same event. User profiles visualize your Myers Briggs personality type, adding another layer of intelligence to the search for like minded individuals. Think you’ve found someone worth talking to? Rally leverages AT&T Web RTC to enable communication with other Rally users. Researchers can apply for access to anonymized demographic and sentiment data.

Rally was built by CodingFTW and Broad Listening led by Sarah Austin.