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About RescueRoute

RescueRoute is an ingenious emergency routing application that was hatched during an AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon. Through the combined use of proximity beacons like the Qualcomm Gimbal and intelligent color-changing lighting RescueRoute leads first responders to the scene of an emergency inside of a building while simultaneously illuminating evacuation routes.

AT&T M2X Integration

Current mapping applications are great at getting first responders to a building, but not through it to the person in need. RescueRoute aims to solve this conundrum by combining sensor technology with Phillips Hue lighting to create situationally aware lighting that directs those trying to get in/out of an otherwise chaotic emergency situation. RescueRoute alarms can be triggered by phone or other network enabled sensors that detect an emergency, while location-aware sensors in the building pinpoint your location and illuminate entrance/exit routes. The ingenious use of existing lighting structures provides clear routing information without the need for a heads up display.

RescueRoute leverages AT&T’s M2X service to manage the wide variety of paths that need to be lit and to send trigger notifications when an emergency situation arises. For RescueRoute, providing reliable emergency communications is vital; the carrier-grade scale and stability offered by M2X ensures maximum service uptime. Additionally, the easy-to-use features of the M2X developer portal, data visualization, and extensive client libraries allowed RescueRoute to easily integrate their device with M2X.

RescueRoute is designed to use AT&T’s M2X service to store routing data in real-time, ensuring device owners the protection they’ve come to rely on. The following diagram illustrates how RescueRoute works with M2X:

Use Cases

  • Fire

    When RescueRoute is alerted of a fire, by a smart smoke detector such as Birdi, emergency routes of ingress/egress are illuminated directing first responders directly to the source of the fire and evacuees to safety. Emergency routes and trigger notifications are managed and delivered by M2X.

  • Medical Emergency

    Whether it be your elderly parent or grandparent or a loved one away on a business trip, if a medical emergency is detected RescueRoute ensures that help is on the way directing EMT’s to their location inside the building. Emergency routes and trigger notifications are managed and delivered by M2X.

  • Accident Notification

    RescueRoute can alert you the moment a fall is detected by sensor enabled apparel. Whether it be your child or elderly relative, school officials or caregivers will be notified immediately and directed to your loved one’s location. Emergency routes and trigger notifications are managed and delivered by M2X.

  • Baby Monitor

    The moment your baby’s heart or respiration monitor detects a medical emergency, RescueRoute will notify you and alert EMT’s, providing them with clear direction once inside the building. Emergency routes and trigger notifications are managed and delivered by M2X.

  • Senior Living

    RescueRoute can direct caregivers in a Senior Living facility from the nurses station to the scene of an emergency, ensuring your elderly parent or grandparent is located and attended to as soon as possible. Gimbal proximity sensors allow for accurate approximation of your loved one’s location while smart clothing detects a fall or medical emergency such as cardiac arrest.

Developed by Slalom

RescueRoute began development during a 24-hour AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon by members of Slalom Consulting. Slalom is widely recognized for providing full end-to-end services from management to marketing to a wide variety of industries, and brings together business and technology expertise to help companies drive enterprise performance, accelerate innovation, enhance the customer experience, and increase employee productivity.