With AT&T M2X you’re free to focus on innovation.

The Benefits of M2X

AT&T M2X provides the tools you need to take your product from prototype to production.

Developer Portal

Manage all of your devices and data from the M2X
Developer Portal — from prototype to product launch.

Data Security

Industry standard data security helps to safeguard your data. Our granular key based permissioning and key management allows you to restrict access to only your trusted partners.

Flexible, Powerful, Future Proof API

The AT&T M2X API works with industry standard
technologies and is flexible enough to support new
emerging technologies as well.

View the AT&T M2X API Documentation.

Store and Distribute Your Data

Development and production device data is
automatically logged and monitored, and flows into
Data Streams categorized by data type (ie.
temperature, humidity). Each device is
identified by an API Master Key.

Event Management & Notification

Define and manage conditions for data Streams.
When a condition is satisfied, such as a sensor
exceeding a temperature threshold, a Trigger
monitoring the Stream in real­time initiates an
event which is logged in the Device Trigger Log.

Real-time Analytics

Extract real-­time data from your connected devices
to enable your business to make important decisions

AT&T SIM Provisioning

Continuous Connections with Cellular Connected Devices

Connect your devices to AT&T’s world class cellular network to transmit device
data from just about anywhere, without the need to connect to a wifi network or wireline system.

More Information on AT&T IoT Starter Kits:

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M2M Consulting Services

Catapult your vision into reality with AT&T’s M2M consulting services. AT&T offers a wide variety of services
to help you achieve your M2M project goals and connect your business to The Internet of Things.


  • Product Architecture
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • Analytics
  • Data Security


  • User-Interface Design
  • Web & mobile app development


  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Partner Connections

Business Services

  • Business Modeling
  • Market Strategies
  • Investment Strategy
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